The start of a blanket

More knitting… I started a blanket last night after getting a copy of “The Art of Knitting” magazine. It will be made up of lots of small squares with various patterns on

blanket I’m making

Small mishap though – my first square turned out slightly smaller than the pattern said it would. Oh well!

My first square

But other than that – it was quite straight forward and I learnt a new way to cast on stitches – the thumb method. It’s awkward because you have to guess how much yarn you’ll need to use, but it is a nice neat way of doing it.

How I made this square:

Needles: 4.5mm

Cast on 27 stitches and knit garter stitch until the square is the same length as its width. (The pattern said this would be about 15cm x 15cm, but my ended up 14cm x 14cm as I’m a tight knitter.)

Using the cream yarn, embroider the heart in blanket stitch. I put pins in at the crucial points of the heart shape, to guide me.


2 thoughts on “The start of a blanket

  1. Have you noticed that some of those squares are repetitive? You couyld use the same square in various colours or make 6 squares of each in different colours and stitches and still save yourself a fortune in not buying those mags.

  2. Yes, I do realise that a lot of the squares are repetitive and always intended to only buy the mag whilst it continues to contain interesting patterns or teaches me something. 😉

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