Squares 2 and 3

Thought I’d show you the next two squares of the blanket. The blue one caused me a few problems because I kept forgetting which row I was doing.

Square 2

How I made this square:

Cast On 28 stitches on 4.5mm needles.
1st row (RS): Knit to end
2nd row: p4, *k2, p4, rep from * to end
3rd row: Knit to end
4th row: *P1, k2, p3, rep from * to last 4 stitches, p1, k2, p1
End with a WS row.
The third square was more straight forward and I made sure I kept paper and pencil beside me to make a note of how many rows I’d done.

Square 3

How I made it:

Cast on 27 stitches on 4.5mm needles.
1st row: Knit
2nd row: Purl
3rd – 6th rows: Knit
7th row: Knit
8th row: Purl

Do that sequence 4 more times so there are 40 rows in total. Embroider the crosses in a contrasting colour.


2 thoughts on “Squares 2 and 3

  1. Use a pen and paper and write down each row as you complete it. This will become automatic and you will be able to remember where you are next time you pick your knitting up.

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