Stocking Stitch Heart Square (Intarsia)

ARGH!! What is it about switching between different colour yarns that I don’t get? This is the next square for the blanket, but again I had to unpick it 3 times before I got it correct.

Square 6

I think that I’m quite a tight knitter anyway, and everytime I tried to do the heart, I was pulling the original colour too tight when I was stranding it across the back to join it back in, and the whole thing was looking puckered and out of shape. At least though I wasn’t getting any holes like I first did when I did the diamond square, so I must be twisting the yarns correctly at the back. I’m hoping it’ll be ok when it’s blocked.

The instructions said that this was intarsia knitting, so I decided to look it up in a couple of books. That only got me more confused though because what I was doing (i.e. stranding across the back) seems more like fair isle knitting. The way the books described intarsia knitting was that you have very little, if any, stranding across the back and they showed how you wind yarn on to bobbins so that you can join in colours at the appropriate places, to avoid stranding where possible.

What should I be doing?!!

What I did:

CO 29 sts with 4.5mm needles
Work in stocking stitch for 16 rows.
17th row: K14, K1 in second colour, K14
18th row: P13, p3 in second colour, p13
19th row: K12, k5 in second colour, k12
20th row: P12, p5 in second colour, P12
21st row: As 19th row
22nd row: P13, P1 in second colour, P1, p1 in second colour, p13
Work in stocking stitch for another 16 rows.


3 thoughts on “Stocking Stitch Heart Square (Intarsia)

  1. I still haven’t really gotten to switching between colors yet. I’m getting much better at reading patterns but I’m still getting multicolored yarn and letting the yarn dictate the color changes. I really like your squares though.

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