My first knitted bunny rabbit

I suddenly remembered one day last week the little knitted bunnies that my Mum used to make us when we were little. “They’re very easy to make” said my Mum, so she found the pattern for me (taken from a magazine which must be nearly 30 years old!) and I thought I’d have a go.

Here’s bunny… Any ideas for a name for him?

Knitted Bunny Rabbit

He’s not sewn together terribly neatly and I’d worry about giving him to a small child in case they could pull his ears off or something, but I’m still pleased with him.

The pattern includes a design for a Mummy bunny too, so I could make a whole family!


13 thoughts on “My first knitted bunny rabbit

  1. Hello!

    You cannot imagine my great excitement and surprise when I came across your baby bunny post. You see I have been going mad looking for this pattern!

    To make a long story a bit shorter: Very sadly, my Mum passed away on June 15th. She was a fantastic craftswoman – one of her greatest strengths being her beautiful knitting. She and Dad were born, raised and married in England. They later moved to Canada (where I was born). In the 60’s we returned to England, where my Mum knitted my little sister and I each a family of bunnies – a Mummy and two babies each.

    At Mum’s funeral my sister and were reminising about her knitting and the bunnies came up – I have been searching ever since to find the pattern – it is the pattern you have!!!! Tell me – does the Mummy bunny have a long dress which is scalloped to simulate ruffles?! I bet she does – mine was red and my sister’s was turquoise! I would love to knit these bunnies myself (althought I’m not sure my skill set is adequate!). Do you have the photos of the pattern? Would love to know more!

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Debbie,

    Yes, the Mummy bunny does have “ruffles” on her dress. It’s a pattern my Mum cut out and saved from a magazine. She made a family of bunnies when I was a child and when I started to get into knitting this year I thought I’d have a go at making a baby bunny myself. It was pretty easy. I’ll email you direct and we can chat more about them!


  3. Hello. I was hoping you could send me the pattern for the white bunny rabbit with the little yellow outfit on. My email direct is Thank you so much for your time, Jo.

  4. Hello,
    It looks like the very first toy my grandmother gave me. Unfortunately I no longer have either the toy or my nanny.

  5. hi there
    just re your first bunny pattern bunny – is there any chance you send me the pattern, or something vague i could have a go at making it up from? i had one with green and turquoise striped trousers so many years ago.
    so many memories!
    he’s very cute with yellow trousers 🙂

  6. hello,

    have been surfing the web for knitted toy ideas and blogs..
    It has been fun to read stories about this little pattern! could I get a copy if you have time. It would be great for my for little nieces for Christmas…They and their brothers are getting marshmallow guns out of PVC but hubby is putting those together. These, however will capture their hearts!

    Thanks if you can!

  7. Hello Everyone

    Lots of people have asked me for a copy of this pattern, but it’s not my own, so I fear that if I copied it and gave it out to people I’d be breaking copyright.

    If I could ascertain who the author of the pattern was or that it wasn’t protected by copyright then that would be different.

    So I’m afraid that I will not be able to send anyone a copy of this pattern right now.

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