Knitting Blogs

There are so many excellent knitting blogs that I keep discovering. My RSS reader used to be full or entries from web developers about various aspects of website design. However I’ve now got almost as many knitting feeds too.

There also seems to be a knitting blog language that I need to learn though. Thanks to Ingrid (Ingrid Knits blog) I’ve discovered that ‘LYS‘ means ‘Local Yarn Store’. WIP means ‘Work in Progress’ and I’m assumed that ‘FO‘ means ‘Finished Object or ‘Finished Off’? I’d not heard the term “frogging” either until I started reading knitting blogs.

I have to say that I’m totally hooked on WordPress – the system I’m using to run this blog. I recently used a standalone version to set up a site for a charity my friend helps with, and I’ve got several other websites in mind where I can use it. Because I’m using the WordPress hosted blog service for my own knitting blog, I can only use the plugins provided. I’m not too bothered but one thing I wished I could have was little progress bars, as seen on other knitting blogs. Up until this morning I’d only come across ProgressFly. However I have now discovered the ones from Yarn Tomato. The kindly blogger at that site has made a selection of progress bars in difference colours, which you can download. To use, all you need do is insert some simple HTML to display the appropriate bar, into a text box widget in my sidebar and voila! I now have a way of displaying my WIP! (Please note the use of knitting lingo!!)


3 thoughts on “Knitting Blogs

  1. Great use of the lingo! I’m enjoying learning the basics of wordpress but my blog is definitely a WIP too. Thanks for posting the links to the progress trackers, I’ve been looking for one! I’ll keep checking back. =)

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