Another problem with the cap

Mum returned home and got me out of my little problem with the cap yesterday. I redid that row and successfully continued with the next few rows. I can see the cable pattern forming which is very satisfying.

However I come to my next problem with this pattern. The cable pattern is 8 rows, with increases in the even numbered rows. Once you’ve done this first set of 8, the instructions say to continue following this pattern without shaping until the piece measures 14cm. I figured this means you go back to row 1 of the pattern and carry on working through as before, just leaving out the inc 1 bit in rows 2,4,6 and 8. But if I go back to row 1 of the pattern, then it’s for a row which only has 72st, not 104st as I have now as a result of the increasing. So I can’t do what row 1 says because it won’t fit.

I don’t know what to do?!!


4 thoughts on “Another problem with the cap

  1. Hi Vic – I have been reading your blog for a while, mostly cos I am doing the “Art of Knitting” thing as well. I’ve just dug out the pattern as a friend wants me to knit it for her. The pattern says “Cont without further shaping” so am guessing that you carry on the pattern, but with no increasing or decreasing? I am looking forward to trying the cable knit out!

    Sorry to hear about your broken leg – what a horrible thing to happen on your holiday!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for reading my blog. How are you finding the Art of Knitting?

    I’ve plodded on and continued until it now measures 14cm. The cable bit has been easy and looks quite good. I’ll blog about my progress shortly. Not sure about shaping the crown and how that’s meant to work!


  3. I am quite enjoying it – I could hardly knit before I started it, and now am decreasing and increasing with ease. I also knitted the hat from issue two, but had problems with the crochet flower on it!

    The crown part looks a bit complicated, but I understand the rest of the pattern now. Just getting used to the shorthand I guess! Looking forward to seeing a piccie of your hat . . .

  4. Jan. 15, 2011

    Hello from North Vancouver,BC Canada

    I just came across the Baker Boy Cap and Oh my
    Goodness – I luv it and now would like to find the
    Pattern? Has it been revised since it was knitted
    and if so where might I find the new updated patt?

    It is fabulous and must say, do like your choice
    of the Tweedy Yarn that you chose to knit..

    Would you say, it was a really difficult pattern to
    knit (experienced knitter) or more of an (intermediate)

    Thank you so much.. I am enjoying finding all kinds
    of interesting articles, recipes, knitting patterns and
    so much more.

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