The baker boy cap continues…

To recap, my problem was continuing on from where it said to “continue following the pattern as set without further shaping”, I decided that I wasn’t meant to exactly repeat the pattern that had been given in the first 8 rows, rather to follow the sort of sequence. As someone wisely said on another forum, following the knitting, not the pattern. This was how it started:

1st row: (WS) K3, (p4, k5) 7 times, p4, k2
2nd row: P2, k4, (p2, inc in next st, p2, k4) 7 times, p2, inc in last st. 80sts.
3rd row: K4, (p4, k6) 7 times, p4, k2
4th row: P2, C4F, (p3, inc in next st, p2, C4F) 7 times, p3, inc in last st. 88sts.
5th row: K5, (p4, k7) 7 times, p4, k2
6th row: P2, k4 (p4, inc in next st, p2, k4) 7 times, p4, inc in last st. 96sts.
7th row: K6, (p4, k8) 7 times, p4, k2
8th row: P2, C4F, (p5, inc in next st, p2, C4F) 7 times, p5, inc in last st. 104sts.

Going back to 1st row and doing exactly what it said there wouldn’t have been correct, so I had to work out how the sequence might have continued in the 9th row. For anyone who might find this post and is trying to make the same baker boy hat from The Art of Knitting magazine, this is how I continued:

1st row: K7, (p4, k9) 7 times, p4, p2
2nd row: P2, k4, (P9, k4) 7 times, P7
3rd row: as 1st row
4th row: P2, C4F, (P9, C4F) 7times, P7

and it seems to be ok. I kept repeating this sequence until the piece measured 14cm. The cable looks good and I think that I’m ok so far.

The next bit, which is shaping the crown, started off saying (Patt 11, P2tog) to end. My initial reaction was “oh heck will this really work out ok?”. But it has so far. I’ve been able to continue decreasing as instructed and have not got down to the point where is says I have to (Patt 2tog). Unfortunately this occurs at a row where I’ve got 4 knits and only 3 purls all the way across, so doing 2 stitches together, means that the pattern will get shifted a bit I think because I’m going to have to combine a knit and a purl stitch together.

(This probably isn’t making any sense to people reading this, but at least it’ll be a reference for me and for anyone else who might be doing the same cap).

How am I going to tackle this bit – I’ve only got a few more rows to do then it’s finished.


3 thoughts on “The baker boy cap continues…

  1. Is it possible for you to post the whole pattern here? I would love to try it, but I have no way of getting my hands on the Art of Knitting…

  2. Sorry, but I’d be infringing on copyright if I reproduce the pattern in any way.

    Back issues of The Art of Knitting can be ordered though and if you can’t get a copy where you are, I could perhaps obtain one and post it on to you.

  3. I am also trying to do this pattern from the art of knitting, but as a novice it really isnt that straight forward. How did you do the shaping of the crown, i dont understand what the patt 11 etc. is referring too

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