The baker boy cap is finished!

Yay, I’ve done it!

The top of the crown is perhaps a bit fudged – the pattern doesn’t run to the centre exactly so I’m not sure if I did it correctly. However because the yarn isn’t a solid colour and it’s the top of the cap, I don’t think that it matters too much and isn’t too noticeable.

Baker Boy Cap
Baker Boy Cap

I’m actually pleasantly surprised with how it’s turned out though. It fits nicely and doesn’t look half bad… even if I do say so myself!

Umm… so what shall I start knitting next?


9 thoughts on “The baker boy cap is finished!

  1. Photography is another of my hobbies, so I like to take nice photos of what I do. Having said that, most of the ones I’ve done on my blog have just been snapshots really.

    Your hat looks much better than mine – particularly the crown. You’ve got the cable pattern going much more to the centre than I did.

  2. The hat looks fab! I’ve been searching for a baker boy knitting pattern on the net for ages but never had any luck! Would it be at all possible to share your pattern? please….

  3. I’ve also been looking all over for this pattern. Can anyone share it? I found it in The Art of Knitting Magazine, Issue #7, but their website doesn’t look like they’ll sell and ship to the U.S.

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