Cardigan progress

I haven’t written much about the cardigan on my blog, I suppose because I started and stopped it before I began this blog.

I saw the pattern for it at a craft fair in Exeter, back at the end of September. I was at the point in my knitting career where I wanted to stretch myself and get beyond scarves and this looked like it would be a good project, not only because of the knitting skills I would learn but because I thought I’d actually like to wear this cardigan too.

Cardigan pattern

I really like the colour of the yarn used in the pattern’s picture and it felt as thought it would be nice to knit with, which has turned out to the case.

It all started fairly well and I got the back done first but then didn’t have time to knit for a while. The sides and sleeves were completed fairly quickly when I had time off work over the Christmas holiday period. I wasn’t sure whether the sleeves were going to be the right length, but Mum pressed the pieces for me before I started the seams, and I was pleased that the cardi was going to be the right size after all.

I sewed all the pieces together but this is when I began to lose heart. My edges were really quite messy and loose and once it was sewn together it did look a bit disappointing as there were gaps and what looked like holes in various places.

I then began the ribbed edge. Not only was it really hard to pick up enough extra stitches from the edge of the side piece, the ribbing was looking a bit detached from the rest of the garment, because of the gaps.

The pattern also requires you to wrap 1 and turn at various intervals. I did what I thought was correct as described in the pattern, but at those points, it looked like I’d knitted when I should have purled and vice-versa.

I got very disheartened and put it down for a couple of months.

But I picked it up again a couple of days ago and continued with the ribbing. It has started to look a little better, the more of the ribbing I get done, but I’m not convinced that it will turn out as nice as I’d hoped.

I suppose I could just frog the whole thing and start again. Certainly my knitting has got a lot better and neater over the past couple of months with all the other bits and pieces I’ve knitted. But I hate the thought of doing that when I’ve almost completed the cardi.


2 thoughts on “Cardigan progress

  1. I don’t think you would need to rip out the entire sweater. You may just want to redo the seams if they are looking a bit off and possibly reknit the collar if you think the bits with the wrapped stitches don’t look right.

    Or, you can just take the attitude that it’s your personal “design element” to make the sweater unique. 🙂

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