The cardigan is finally finished and jumper is started

Spent the whole day Saturday knitting… what a luxury! I got the cardi finally finished and it hasn’t turned out too bad after all and very wearable.

New skills I learnt doing this project:

  • how to pick up stitches from the side and cast off edges
  • how to do invisible seams with mattress stitch

I’m particularly pleased with how the invisible seams look on the back where the two pieces of ribbed collar meet and the sides and sleeves of this. In fact they look really neat and I’m very chuffed! Mum says I’ll be getting better at knitting than her soon. I think that day is still a long way off though.

The only messy seams are across the shoulders at the back where the sleeves join the back piece. That’s where I’ve got some gaps, but hopefully they might be able to be “fixed” somehow.

I still had an issue with the wrap 1 and turn on the ribbed collar. I just couldn’t work out how to make it look like I hadn’t done a wrong stitch. However after I finished the collar and was looking in my Knitting Bible about how to do mattress stitch, I came across a page about knitting short rows, where you have to wrap and turn and it gave a diagram about to hide the “bar” that’s created by the wrap. DOH! I wish I’d read this page earlier. Never mind. I know for next time, and I don’t think anyone’s going to be looking at the ribbing that closly to notice.

Edit: for a photo, see here

I also started the moonglow jumper too and made a good start on the back piece. This is the jumper I’ll be making:

Moonglow jumper pattern


2 thoughts on “The cardigan is finally finished and jumper is started

  1. Congrats on the completed sweater! I’m still chipping away at the baby sweater I’m working on. I’ll be studying the mattress stitch instructions on just as you suggested. I hope mine come out as nicely as it sounds yours did.

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