Divas Don’t Knit: a book review

We had a package from Amazon last week, which included a copy of Divas Don’t Knit. I’d not read any knitting novels before, but I’ve got so obsessed with knitting I thought that it might be fun to read one.

Recently widowed Jo McKenzie moves back to her home town in Kent with her two children to start a new life, leaving the rat race of London behind them, and taking over the running of her Gran’s yarn shop. The store is pretty much as it was when it first opened decades earlier so Jo is keen to put her stamp on it and bring it up to date with gorgeous new yarns, interesting window displays and the setting up of a Stitch ‘n’ Bitch group where she forms new friendships with other women in the town as she teaches them to knit. If only she can persuade dear old Elsie, the shop assistant, to move with the times too!

It’s a humourous novel with some charming observations on life, love and friendship. I laughed out loud at some of the antics of the character two young children and delighted in the love the friends show to one another as they look out for each other’s best interests.

There’s a sequel in the pipeline and I will definitely want to pick up a copy of that because the book ended with lots of potential for storylines to develop further.

All in all – definitely recommended for a spot of light reading.


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