Shaping armholes

The moonglow jumper is progressing fine. I’m just shaping the raglan armholes. One thing worth noting is that in this pattern, the decrease for the shaping, actually happens two stitches in from either end. This is making my edges much neater and tighter than on the cardigan I’ve just finished. Hopefully this means I won’t get the same holey appearance that the cardigan has.

I must remember this for the future!

Got the next issue of the Art of Knitting today. There are two nice patterns in it that I might add to the “to do” list. One for a zipped jacket and one for a hot water bottle cover which I’m going to make for Mum. I keep asking my family if there’s anything I can knit for them, but they keep declining. Well Mum’s not getting out of this one! (And the pattern is designed for using Debblie Bliss Cashmerino Aran – what a joy!)


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