I love this time of year

I hope that everyone has had a lovely Easter. I’ve had a great weekend. My brother was home for the weekend and he’s good fun to be with, although he teased me mercilessly about my broken leg! The weather has been glorious (and more good weather forecast). In fact it’s been warmer here in the UK than the Mediterranean. Dad planted all the potatoes and helped me get all my veggie seeds started. It’s exciting waiting for the shoots to peep through the soil and is my favourite part of the whole veggie gardening process.

On the knitting front, I’ve now done the front of the moonglow jumper and am half way through the first sleeve. There’s lots of TV tonight to watch, so hopefully I’ll get the sleeve done by bedtime.

I also did a very useful job and went though the knitting mags I had, tearing out the patterns I thought were nice and filing them away for the future – how organised am I?!

I’ve decided what I’ll knit next after the moonglow jumper. I wanted a summery top to knit and Mum found this free pattern on the Debbie Bliss web site for a top called Evie, knitted with their yarn Stella, which is a silk/cotton mix. I’m not sure what colour I’d like to have though. A pale blue maybe? It would probably go with more of my clothes than the lime colour in the picture.


3 thoughts on “I love this time of year

  1. That’s a nice summer sweater pattern. Your garden sounds much bigger than mine but this is my first year ever planting anything edible. I can’t wait until my peppers pop up. The plants are about a foot high right now and I’ve no idea how the peppers will show up but that’s part of the fun.

  2. I’d love a copy of that Stella pattern but the link shows it’s been removed. If I sent you an SAE wuold you be prepared to let me have a copy?

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