I need a good OYS!

The second sleeve of the moonglow jumper is finished but my circular needles still haven’t arrived and the retailer still hasn’t replied to my email querying when I might expect them… So I’ve come to a halt with the jumper.

This is the second OYS (online yarn store as opposed to LYS!) I’ve tried and been disappointed with.  At least the one email I have had from them wasn’t rude and abrupt like the first shop, from whom I will never buy again!  I understand that they won’t necessarily have everything in stock, but I do think that retailers should try a bit better at keeping their customers informed about when it can be expected.

For the Brits who might be reading this – can you recommend an online store in the UK?


One thought on “I need a good OYS!

  1. I think you should have learned your lesson now. Rely on personal shopping. The way these shop keepers have treated you is shabby to say the least. And yes, they should keep you informed. They have no trouble taking your money though do they!

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