More blanket squares

The enforced break from the moonglow jumper has at least enabled me to get on with some other things including a few more blanket squares:

blanket squares 12-15

The yellow square is mock rib square and I really liked both the RS and WS.  I might do another one with the same pattern but sew it into the blanket with the WS facing up, so I get to see both sides.  To do this mock rib:
CO 29 sts on 4.5mm needles
1st row: (RS) K1, *p1, k1, rep from * to end
2nd row: P1, *keeping yarn at front of work sl 1 purlwise, p1, rep from * to end.
Repeat these two rows until required length.

The purple square is just garter stitch.

The blue square is reverse stocking stitch with a star embroidered on the top.

The white square was like the previous stocking stitch heart square that I did in purple and white. However this time I swiss darned the motif. My previous attempt at intarsia wasn’t very good so I decided to make it differently this time.


2 thoughts on “More blanket squares

  1. I really love your squares and can’t wait to see the finish project. I’ve been thinking of taking my stitch book and coming up with a similar idea. It’s going to be beautiful when you’re done. Incidently, I planted some banana peppers and cucumbers this weekend. Any tips on cucumbers?

  2. Thanks Ingrid. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project too! If you want to know the patterns for any of the squares, just let me know.

    I’ve always found cucumbers really easy to grow. I put them in grow bags in the greenhouse. They grow really tall, so I usually chop the top off when they reach about 6ft or so, so they don’t grow any taller and put their energy into growing the fruit instead. The only problem I’ve ever had was that they got mildew on the leaves one year, but I think that was because the air wasn’t circulating in the greenhouse very well.

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