A Day Off

I had the day off work yesterday and Mum and I had a day out. We first went to the Wiltshire Record Office in Trowbridge where we spent over three hours looking through old parish records to try and extend our family tree. (Genealogy is another passionate hobby of mine) We had some success and learnt a little bit more about our ancestors. Then we headed to Bristol to do a spot of shopping. I needed to get some shoes (flat ones with no heels whilst I’m walking around on my crutches) and we popped into John Lewis to look at yarn amongst other things.

John Lewis had a pretty good selection of yarn including Debbie Bliss. As I still hadn’t had any word on the Debbie Bliss Stella I’d ordered online, I thought I’d get some here instead… until I saw the colours. The lime green that I’d ordered looked so much brighter in real life than it did on the colour chart on the website. In fact it was so bright I thought that I’d glow in the dark if I made a top with it!. So I didn’t bother getting any and cancelled my online order this morning!

So what other summer tops could I make? Well one of the magazines had a nice sleeveless top magazine that I thought I’d try in Rowan Cotton Glace, but again, seeing the yarn in real life made me stop. That yarn is so thin! I’m not sure what it will be like to work with.

So what to do? I did like the original Debbie Bliss pattern I was going to make with the Stella yarn, so I’ve decided that I’m going to try the same pattern but with a different yarn. I picked up some Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton instead, in a much nicer lime green colour. According to the label the gauge is slightly different to the Stella but if I thought that if I swatch it first I might be able to adjust with different size needles so that it comes out at the right size.

Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton in pale green

Watch this space…

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