Starsky and Hutch cardigan

Guess what I won on eBay..? A pattern for a Starsky and Hutch cardigan!

Starsky and Hutch pattern cover

There were three or four patterns on eBay but most went for silly prices – except the one I won! Only £1.25 and cheap postage. It arrived this morning and it’s in excellent condition. It’s original price was only 12p!

Just need to keep an eye out for some suitable wool now. I think this will be a winter project though. My brother will have to wait for a while as I’ve got several WIPs at the moment now! (I started the summer top last night and have a little fun project on the go which I’ve yet to blog about.)

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  1. I’ve been wanting that starsky and hutch cardigan for a while now and I have someone who will be able to knit it for me. Guess what’s missing? Would you consider letting me have a copy of the pattern? Mail me back. I will be grateful for any response.

  2. hey i had a starsky and hutch but cannot find it any where, if i payed you would you kn it me one please

    would love to hear from you steve

  3. Hi Steve,

    To be honest I don’t think I’m quite up to knitting for someone else who’s not a family member just yet. If it goes wrong, then my brother won’t care, but there’s more pressure when knitting to order! However when I was googling for patterns I did come across a site where someone did take order to knit this style of cardigan If I find the URL again I’ll pass it on.

  4. I made this jacket many years ago for my husband who passed it on to our eldest daughter for her 21st! He has hassled me ever since to make him a new one – but I don’t have the pattern anymore. Sue

  5. i am looking for someone that might have a photcopy or an original knitting pattern for a starsky and hutch cardigan. It would be greatly appreciated as i have lost my one


  6. Steve (and anyone else wanting to buy a sweater like Starsky’s) — I found a place on the web that sells them. It is The sweaters are rather expensive, but testimonials on the site indicate they are well worth the cost. And they do look good. Unlike every pattern I’ve been able to lay my hands on, these have stripes on the collar just like Starsky’s does.

  7. Hi, I was browsing the web searching for a pattern for a starsky cardigan and I wound up on your page. Would you consider selling a copy of the pattern? I checked out eBay to see if there were any patterns for sale but couldn’t find any. Please e-mail me if you are willing to share your pattern.
    Thank you

  8. Sorry Josephine – To make a copy of the pattern would be breaking copyright law and I want to hang on to my copy for a while yet. I am considering writing my own pattern though in the New Year, because so many people seem to want to make one. If I do, then I’ll let you know

  9. Would you be willing to send me the information on the pattern for the Starsky and Hutch sweater so that I could purchase it from the manufacturer?

  10. This particular pattern was published by Lister & Co. I don’t think that the company is still in business anymore though.

  11. We must be very lucky we have three starsky cardis, one cost us an arm an a leg to get knitted and sent from canada. One we bought on e.bay that is more like a small womans or kids size, and yet another extra large one that was again purchased on e.bay for much less then the first and they are all very good copies. We did have a pattern somewhere will have to source it. We also have the car but sorry no pattern for that.

  12. Hi
    my friend has the original knitted jacket that he wore and its up for sale to the highest bidder its at £500 at the moment its in good condition

  13. hi im neil i was wondering if you would send me a copy of the pattern for the starsky and hutch cardigan as im an avid fan and ive been on its trail for a number of years

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