Knitting in front of the TV

I finally have had some time to knit again and as I now have some circular needles, I was able to get working on finishing the moonglow jumper yesterday. (Ran out of yarn – how annoying! – but Mum bought me an extra ball so I can continue with it this evening)

“Bones” is on tonight. This is the blanket square that I knitted during last week’s episode:

Blanket Square 16

New skill learnt: how to do bobbles.

1st row: K
2nd row: P
3rd-4th row: as 1st and 2nd
5th row: P
6th row: K
7th-8th row: As 1st and 2nd
9th row: K4, *make bobble by k next st inc in back then front of st (3 sts), turn and k3,, turn and p3, lift 2nd and 3rd bobble stitches over the first one, k5, rep from * to last 5 sts, make bobble on next st, k4.
10th row: P
11th-12th row: As 5th and 6th
13th-14th row: As 1st and 2nd.
Repeat these 14 rows twice more, then work 1st and 2nd row to finish.

Will be continuing with the moonglow jumper during “Bones” this evening I think.

What do you like watching on TV whilst you knit?


3 thoughts on “Knitting in front of the TV

  1. I watch too much TV I think! But, I do have a few favorite shows. I love knitting while I watch Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Survivor. And also American Idol of course.
    Will you be working on the Starsky and Hutch pattern next? I’m very anxious to see how that turns out along with the blanket of squares which I know will be beautiful when you’re done.

  2. Thanks geckogrrl.

    Ingrid – I think that the Starsky and Hutch pattern might be an Autumn knit as there are a few summer tops I’d like to do first.

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