iPod Nano case

I realised that I never blogged about the iPod case I knitted a couple of weekends ago.

I recently bought myself a shiny new RED iPod Nano as my 4G iPod packed up on a permanent basis and it wasn’t worth getting it repaired. I bought a clear hard case for it, so I could protect it from scratches and still see the beautiful red colour. However whilst on my crutches I needed an easier way to carry it around.

I came across this pattern for a nano necklace by Designedly Kristi and decided it would be ideal.

I bought some red yarn to match the colour of the iPod and with 3mm DPNs I knitted this up, learning some new skills on the way:

  • Used DPNs for the first time
  • Made an i-cord for the first time


  1. I made a 3 stitch i-cord rather than 4 that was in the pattern, as 3 seemed wide enough.
  2. I also couldn’t follow the instructions for picking up and knitting the i-cord into the seam, so I made it separately and sewed it on instead.
  3. The other thing I wasn’t sure about was where it said to join the side seams by making a chain stitch with a DPN. Couldn’t work out how to do that either, but someone on knittinghelp.com forum suggested that I simply pick up the two seams, knit and cast off straight away as you go along, because this makes a chain stitch. And indeed it does.

iPod case

A friend of mine has just herself a Nano too, so I might make her one. The only thing I would change for future ones, is that I could cast on less stitches at the start. Nanos are really tiny and my case is perhaps on the large side.


3 thoughts on “iPod Nano case

  1. I love the nano case. Sadly my nano is out of commission due to a dead battery, but I’m secretly hoping for a new one on my birthday.
    I hope you don’t mind me tagging you for the 8 random things post. Post 8 random things about you and then tag 8 more bloggers. I look forward to seeing your list.

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