8 random things about me tag

Thanks Ingrid for tagging me. It’s nice to be included in blog community stuff :). OK, where do I start?

  1. I’m a Christian and go to St Andrew’s Church, Plymouth
  2. I drive a Mini Convertible.
  3. I’ve played the flute for over 20 years and the guitar for about 2 years.
  4. I’ve just started to learn to speak Dutch, so I can go and visit my cousins in Holland.
  5. I’m researching my family tree and one of my ancestors was shipwrecked and eaten by his crew mates as they tried to survive in a lifeboat for three weeks at sea.
  6. My favourite TV programme ever is Friends (which I watch over and over again on DVD).
  7. My Dad is also my boss.
  8. My top 3 rides at DisneyWorld are the Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Tower of Terror.

I’m tagging:

I’ll tag another 3 people shortly…


2 thoughts on “8 random things about me tag

  1. Great list and wow, how did you find out about number 5?
    When we were in Brussels and Amsterdam people kept assuming I was Dutch and one lady told me I looked very northern European (my family is Swedish). I was so proud but I wished I could have spoken back to them in Dutch.

  2. Number 5 is quite a (in)famous story in Southampton (the city where my ancestors come from) and there’s a memorial to the lad in one of the church yards there.

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