The Art of Knitting

Does anyone else read or subscribe to The Art of Knitting weekly magazine? If so, it would be great to hear from you and how you’re finding the mag. How’s your blanket coming along and what other patterns have you tried from the mag?

The Art of Knitting magazine


8 thoughts on “The Art of Knitting

  1. We don’t have that mag over here in Australia, but we have had similar ones over the years on different themes. I have personally got sucked in and bought every edition of 2 other (sewing)publications bought month by month. They were cheaper in those days and affordable, but for the most of it, you don’t really get the full benefit out of them for what you are spending. Maybe one item per month in each edition if you are lucky. These squares you have begun, are a great method of teaching you different stitches but at the same time they are sucking you in. Honestly follow mum’s lead, don’t go there. There are a number of publications (books), and the internet sites that just show the how-to’s of many stitches, most you will never use to be honest, but you can make your squares up that way. Try Googling, you’ll be surpised what is on the internet and it wont cost you either, more money to spend on yarn then.

  2. The last time you mentioned this magazine in a post I checked it out. Sadly they do not deliver outside of the UK or Ireland. I wish there was something similar available in the USA.

  3. Faye – I know these subscription things suck you in – but I only buy it from my local newsagent so I can stop at any time it starts to get boring or a waste of money. I have to say though, that I’m pleased so far. There is at least one pattern each week I’d want to do and you also get a small ball of yarn each week for the blanket square. So I don’t think I’m yet out of pocket.

    Ingrid – inside the front cover are the details of publishers in other countries – I’ll look and see if there’s an American one.

  4. Faye I subscribe to it in the UK. they send a bundle of 4 issues a month. I have about 8 squares outstanding, but it is pleasing to do the others. At least, I learn more than with a mag which I read, think I love one pattern (or none) and then put away for ever. Their patterns are wide ranging in ability needed and types. Some, I will come back to it again and again, like those for the house. I am not too happy about not getting dividers for the second folder. Shabby when you know how much it all add up. Otherwise, love trying new patterns on my squares.

  5. Liz – have you had to pay for the second binder? I order my copy of the magazine from my local newsagent as I wanted to be able to stop it easily if I get bored with it. However I don’t get any more binders that way. I can buy another from them for £3.50 + P&P, but I might as well go into WHSmith as get one from there. It’ll be cheaper.

    Regarding the dividers – you could move entire sections into the new binder instead – then you wouldn’t need more dividers.

    Do you have your own blog Liz? It would be nice to see what you’ve made.

  6. I get the mag every month and it is very good! I’ve been collecting for 1 year now and i’ve made quite a few bits! Plus you get lots of free stuff e.g. folders and baskets, it’s worth the money, i pay around £25 a month for 4 issues. Although some patterns need more explaining! (even in issue 1; if anyone can help me with the cardi that would be great! I’m stuck on the arm).

    I love knitting and I’m only 16! Woo!

  7. Hi I am having trouble getting missed issues in NZ and disappointed that issues can’t be ordered from UK. I just need issue 50 to see how to put the squares together. I haven’t got all the issues but enough to do a cot sized one in slightly different colours. ANy one out there who can help…it would be much appreciated.
    Karen 🙂

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