A reason to knit

We had some good news today – some friends had their third child, a little boy, born at 4am this morning.

I had a gut feeling that they’d have another little boy and it was in the back of my mind when I started to knit the blue elephant from last month’s Knitting magazine. However I was a bit confused about the pattern and so put the whole thing to one side for ages. I know that I can unravel if things go wrong, but I find it frustrating to do that and the thought of going wrong, puts me off. Silly I know, but a challenge I need to overcome.

But today’s news has given me an incentive to get on and finish the elephant so that if it turns out ok, I can give it to my friends as a gift.

Evie continues to grow, row by row. Only about another 10cm to do of the first side.


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