It feels like ages…

It feels like it’s been ages since I last blogged. I have been doing some knitting but perhaps not as much as I was. Other things get in the way… like work..!

I’ve done a couple more blanket squares. This one has a lovely cable pattern


And this just plain garter stitch rows.


And Evie is coming along ok.

Debbie Bliss Evie pure cotton

I love the feel of the cotton and am looking forward to finishing this. I’ve just booked a holiday to Santorini with a friend of mine and the intention is to take this with me. Mind you I always get scared about taking clothes on holiday that I really like, in case my baggage gets lots forever to that place where missing suitcases go and never return. The friend that I’m going away with went to South Africa during the Easter holidays and had a nightmare journey back. Everything that went wrong, did. I hope that she and I have a much more pleasant trip.

This week’s Art of Knitting had a pattern for a cotton bag, which I decided I’d quite like. I bought some pretty yellow cotton yarn on eBay for two-thirds the normal retail price, and I’d really like to get this bag done to take on holiday too. It’s all in moss stitch though, which whilst it looks great, seems to take me a little longer to knit up.

Sadly I don’t think I’ll have much knitting time this week. I’ve got a gig on Friday night, so we’ve got rehearsals this week, plus I’m meeting up with friends and then away next weekend. What a social life I have!


2 thoughts on “It feels like ages…

  1. Evie is looking very nice and that’s a pretty color, very summery.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I have another meme tag for you. Details on my blog.

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