I never would have believed it!

No, really, I wouldn’t have!

I finished a blanket square yesterday in pink moss stitch (photo to follow soon) .  I started it on Wednesday but realised that it was turning out very big, in fact, nearly 17cm wide!  I ripped it out and started again, making it as tight as possible and I eventually got it to be 15cm x 15cm – the size the magazine says all the squares should be.

I don’t know what it is going on with my tension.  I was a tight knitter when I first started but now I’ve become more relaxed about knitting, I’ve become looser on the whole.  However all my squares seemed to be different sizes.  Some were the right width, but too short even though I’d knitted the instructed number of rows.  Others were just too small, others too big.

Is my tension really that erratic or is the pattern wrong or what? I can understand that the early ones might be too small as I was knitting tighter, but they were all over the place in terms of size.

I thought that I might have to redo some of them, but Mum suggested we steam iron them and see if some couldn’t be stretched a little or shrunk a little.

She’s got a padded board, marked out in a grid, which she uses for her quilting squares, and we used that to pin out a square to the correct 15cm x 15cm and held the steam iron over it.  I didn’t have to actually press the iron on the square.  The steam was enough to soften the yarn and allowing me to gently reshape the square.  The piece actually became quite floppy in some cases which is a little strange but I think it will be ok.

I was able to reshape every single square to the right size and I don’t have to redo any of them.

I never would have believed it!


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