I wonder if I could write my own pattern one day?

I’ve been getting regular requests for copies of the Starsky and Hutch jacket pattern.  However as I think I’ve mentioned before, I’d be breaking the law if I copied and distributed it.

But it’s given me food for thought.  There’s obviously a gap in the market.  So many knitters would like to get their hands on such a pattern and but struggle to find one.  Old copies come up on eBay now and then but not often.

I’m like my Dad – the sort of person who see a hole in the market and tries to fill it.   So… I’ve decided that once I’ve knitted my brother’s jacket for him, I’ll write my own version.  I obviously have to be careful how I do this because I can’t just take the pattern I bought and change the odd bit.  That would still infringe copyright law.  But a bit of careful research plus knitting my brother’s should teach me enough to be able to at least try and write my own design!

I could sell it and give the money to a very worthwhile charity that I support – Medic Malawi.   Medic Malawi was started by a couple from my church and they raise money and find medical equipment and supplies to support a hospital in a small town called Mtunthama.   I visited the town a couple of years ago and had an amazing trip.  I spent a few days helping the hospital administrators with some IT stuff, whilst other members of the group I travelled with helped to build a maize store house.  The local people there were so inspiring.  They have very little of their own, but what they did have they wanted to share with us.  If anyone wants to know more about Medic Malawi then please visit the website or send me a message.

Anyway – if you’d be interested in a Starsky and Hutch style jacket, then check back here nearer Christmas time.  I might very well have one available!


2 thoughts on “I wonder if I could write my own pattern one day?

  1. I realise this is an old post, but wonder if you have written your pattern yet!!

    You would need to write it in both UK and US standard text, then grade it properly for several sizes, and then have those test knitted for accuracy followed by a tech editor checking your instructions.

    If you are up for it, I will help you write a pattern for charity.

    No element of it must be based on any other design though

  2. Thanks Erssie. I have bought a book about designing knits but haven’t got very far with it yet. I might very well call on you if I get stuck!

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