Why didn’t I read this before?

I finished knitting Evie at the weekend and decided I would check on the best way of blocking the pieces of the jumper. Being 100% cotton I wasn’t sure whether wet cloths or steaming was better for cotton yarn.

This article “To block or not to block” seems to be very helpful, listing how to block what yarn.

For cotton, the writer always steams. So that’s what I’ll try.

However I also read that synthetic yarns should not be steamed otherwise you’ll end up with limp pieces. What yarn are my blanket squares made of..? 100% acrylic. And how did I block them the other evening..? I steamed them. Instead they should just be pinned and spritzed with water and left to dry. Oh well. I know what to do with the future squares.

We learn by our mistakes don’t we? Particularly when it comes to knitting I find! I wish I’d read that article first though.


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