Satisfyingly tidy

This week has been a week for tidying up and it’s been quite satisfying. Mum complains that I’m quite an untidy girl and I do admit that sometimes I can be. I tend to let things stack up and then have a good blitz. But I wish Mum could see how lots of my friends are much worse than me!

Anyway, I’ve been in the right mood for tidying and putting things away and last night we went through our stack of knitting magazines and tore out the patterns we wanted to keep, put them in plastic wallets and filed them away in folders. How organised is that?!

I thought I ought to start packing this morning for my hols (on Tuesday!) so that I can work out what last minute things I might need and pop into town this afternoon to pick them up. I HATE PACKING so much. I seem to have “mislaid” my digital camera charger too. DOH! I haven’t a clue where it might be. I hunted through the drawers and cupboards where it might be, and it wasn’t there. I’m hoping it might be in a suitcase or bag from a previous trip away.


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