Two more squares

I’ve two more blanket squares to show you…

Ladder pattern square

I’ve done this pattern before, but it turned out a bit neater this time.  I remember getting into a right mess when I did it before, usually because I would forget what row I was on, and I wasn’t quite sure of the difference between a knit and a purl.  It’s funny to think how that’s all clicked now and I wonder why I ever found it tricky?

Ladder stitch square

This week’s square in the magazine was just another reverse stocking stitch square… boring… so I decided to look up a different pattern from one of my books.  This one, called Sisal, caught my eye as being a bit different.

Sisal pattern

I think I’ve pretty much sussed the blocking of these squares too – just the right amount of steam to soften them up but not to make them go floppy.


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