Knit, frog, knit, frog

I had one of those weekends when nothing went quite right and I ended up frogging two different pieces.

Firstly I finished the back of the cardi and started working on one of the fronts. However it was looking awfully small. I’d cast on the right number of stitches according to the pattern, but I wasn’t convinced that it was big enough.

So I frogged an evening’s work and will start again, this time following the pattern for the next size up. I’m going to leave the back as it is and just hope it will all fit together at the end.

And I did another blanket square, the pattern being a diagonal rib this week. However the square was turning out larger than normal and I made a couple of small mistakes with the sequence, which although not terribly noticeable would have bugged me, so I frogged and started that one again too!

diagonal rib square

Got a friend coming over tonight to watch a Doris Day movie with me, so I’ll restart the cardi whilst I watch the film.


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