Health and safety gone mad

I read this morning in the paper, about a hospital who encouraged patients and visitors to knit blanket squares whilst they were spending time there.  The small squares were turned into blankets for local charities. Great idea whilst you wait for your appointment eh?

A box containing needles and yarn was readily available in the waiting area. However some jobsworth of a Health and Safety officer has now decided that it’s too dangerous to leave out and has taken the box away.

Apparently you can still ask at reception to use the knitting box, but no-one really knows it’s there now.



3 thoughts on “Health and safety gone mad

  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous isn’t it. Grr! They coul have just put them on a higher shelf, or something.
    Your raglan Starsky cardigan looks beautiful btw, how’s it coming on? I’ve just got internet in my flat so am back to blogging and ‘cyber-sociable’ again 🙂

  2. Life really gets in the way doesn’t it! ;o
    My Mum sent me the article from the paper covering the story about the needles being banned (well mover really), doesn’t do much for those of us who are spreading the knitting word does it!
    Can’t wait to see more of the cardi! *is impatient*

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