Back from India and gearing up for Christmas

I got back from India on Sunday. It was an interesting trip and although I didn’t get to see many sites, I think I got a good flavour of Indian life. The area I visited was quite different from the usual images of places like Delhi or Mumbai which are colourful and hectic. I was up in a town called Kalimpong in the foothills of the Himalayas, near the Nepal border, where life is slightly slower. I also visited Darjeeling (v. disappointing) and a remote village called Lamagaon which only got electricity two years ago.

I did look to see if there was any interesting yarn available and I did spot a couple of yarn shops but they only sold brightly coloured acrylic stuff. I did however get some lovely Tibetan fabric. Can’t remember the proper name of it now, but I think I will use it to make some bags of various sizes, a Bible cover and things like that. It was only about £1 a metre and I loved the patterns. Cutting fabric and sitting at a sewing machine is quite a scary prospect though!!

fabric from tibet

I got back to see that my parents had decorated the house and Mum had made some mince pies… yum! I need to sort out what Christmas presents I have and if I need to buy any more before the Christmas deadline at Amazon! I have work all week and I’m going to a friend’s wedding on Saturday so don’t have anytime to get to the shops before Christmas Day! I must finish my brother’s Starsky cardigan this week too before he comes home on Sunday.

It is decidedly cold here in the UK too and it was a bit of shock when we landed at Heathrow yesterday. Not as cold as it is in some parts of the US though – the snowstorm pictures look amazing. It reminds me of when we spent Christmas in Vermont a couple of years ago. It makes me want to go back but I’ve already got all my annual leave booked up next year with trips to a Christian conference in North Wales, Malawi and Singapore, all of which will be great, but I do love going to the US.


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