Starsky cardigan almost done

The Starsky cardigan is so nearly finished. I have to have it done and wrapped before my brother comes home on Sunday, so tonight is going to be a marathon knitting night I think. Thank goodness Bones is on, and I have lots of programmes still to watch which Dad recorded for me whilst I was in India.

I seamed most of the cardigan together on Tuesday evening, but then realised that I’d shaped one of the front pieces incorrectly. Well it decreased in all the right places, but the decreased stitches were slanting in the wrong direction and it was really noticeable that it wasn’t right. So Mum kindly offered to undo the seam and rip it back to the start of the raglan shaping. Thank you Mum!! It did save me some time and she wove in loads of ends for me – a job that I hate. I re-knit the raglan correctly last night and reseamed the piece.

So all that’s left to do is the collar (which I’ve made slightly wider than than the pattern said), of which I’ve done about an eighth!


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