Season’s Greetings!

So how was your Christmas?  I’ve the whole week off between Christmas and New Year, and so I’m still enjoying sitting around the house, watching movies, doing a bit of knitting and generally taking it easy. Actually I’ve been sick too, which hasn’t been so nice.  I thought I’d picked up a stomach bug but am wondering if it’s food poisoning.  The only meal I’ve eaten recently, which the rest of my family haven’t, was salmon at my friend’s wedding last Saturday.  I was ill about an hour after that meal, but fine the next couple of days so though it was just because I had a terrible headache the day of the wedding too.  But Christmas night, after supper, I was ill again and then all day Boxing Day.  Yesterday I did start to feel a bit better but I’m still taking it easy when it comes to food.  Which is so annoying at Christmastime when the house is full of yummy treats, chocolates, delicious puddings and cakes.  I even had to forego my favourite meal of the Christmas holidays – Boxing Day lunch when as a family we always have cold turkey, cold ham, smoked salmon, pickles and chips!  I just couldn’t handle the smell of the food, let alone try and eat some.

christmas tree decoration

But other than that, Christmas has been nice.  And I was really spoiled with presents…I was given a Canon EOS 400D digital SLR camera by Mum and Dad, a keyboard from my brother which will connect via USB to my computer so I can record music directly to the computer and use about a trillion effects using a program called Logic.  “Father Christmas” also gave me a set of KnitPicks Options interchangeable needles and a ball of sock yarn and a pattern to make a pair of socks. So my ambition to make a pair of socks in 2008 might actually happen now…

I’m back to knitting the cushion cover now that the cardigan is finished.  I didn’t like how the actual pattern was looking on the back piece, so I’ve changed it slightly and it now has some vertical stripes, done fair-isle style.  I got fed up with dropping the yarn and picking up the new colour for every stitch, so I’ve been trying to knit continental style, with one colour in one hand, and the other colour in the other hand.  On a knit row, I’ve just about got the hang of it, but on a purl row it’s pretty darned tricky and more slow going than if I was knitting with one hand!



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