Goodnight 2007

FO 2007 mosaic1. baby hoodie, 2. white-scarf, 3. evie jumper, 4. baby hoodie lacey edge, 5. my first scarf, 6. baker boy hat, 7. ipod case, 8. blanket block 4, 9. pink funkyfur scarf, 10. blue fluffy scarf, 11. cushion side 1, 12. moss stitch bag, 13. debbie bliss baby cashmerino, 14. blanket block 1, 15. blanket block 3, 16. first square, 17. slippers, 18. pink white scarf, 19. starsky cardigan, 20. my knitted cardigan I read that someone had achieved 77 FOs during 2007.  I come nowhere near that total, but I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved.  Roll on 2008!Happy New Year to everyone!


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