Vic’s Knits is 1 today!

Happy New Year to you and Happy Blog Anniversary to me!

First anniversaryI’ve now been writing this blog for a year now – I can’t believe how fast the past 12 months have gone by and had nearly 10,000 visitors according the stats! It’s unbelievable that so many people want to read about my knitting exploits. Thank you to everyone who left comments. It’s nice to develop friendships with other knitting bloggers.

2007 was a good year in terms of my knitting. Whilst breaking my leg back in March wasn’t all that much fun, it did give me plenty of time to knit whilst I rested on the sofa. I can’t believe how addicted I am to knitting now. I think that my friends are slowly coming around to the idea that it’s not so weird to be a 30-year old knitter, or else they’ve just come to accept my eccentricities! I did persuade one friend to pick up some needles and over the coming year I hope to cultivate her interest!

Things I’ve learnt and achieved this past year:

  • Knitted my first garment (and several others since)
  • Learnt to do intarsia, fair-isle and cable
  • Increased my stash considerably
  • Discovered knitting podcasts (who would have thought that I’d want to listen to such things?)
  • Used circular needles for the first time
  • Made some online knitting friends

My knitting aims for the coming year:

  • To learn to knit in the round using DPNs
  • To knit a pair of socks, once I’ve learnt to handle more than 2 needles at a time!
  • To learn to crochet beyond doing chain stitch
  • To knit something with wire
  • To knit something with beads
  • To visit Get Knitted in Bristol
  • To write and publish my first pattern
  • To finish the Art of Knitting blanket
  • To open a yarn store… well I can dream can’t I?

Wow, that’s quite a few things I want to do over the next year. It should be achievable though I think.


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