So much done in a week

I’m doing so well with my knitting so far in 2008.

I sewed up another blanket block:

Blanket Block 5

And I’ve done some more squares (photos and details to follow later in the week).

And because I was dying to try out my new KnitPicks Options, I cast on for a men’s beanie, for my friend’s Dad.  I’ve used the colours of the local football team which he supports and found the pattern via Ravelry which I bought from

The yarn I wanted to use wasn’t the same as the pattern suggested.  To get the same gauge and tension, I had to go up 2 needle sizes, which I felt made the yarn look quite loose.  I swatched using the size of needle I wanted to use and worked out that I needed an extra two stitches for every 10cm/4in to obtain the same width.  So when I cast on, I added an extra 9 stitches in total.  Height-wise it doesn’t really matter as you just knit until you reach the required measurement, rather than a specific number of rows.

beanie progress

I’m enjoying using my new circular needles.  They are very smooth to use and the point is about the right sort of sharpness.  The only problm I have with this hat, is that cable is a bit too long (even the shorter of the two in the options set) and so the stitches are stretched around a bit.  I’m worried that this will make the hat a bit misshapen.  But I’ll see how it goes.  Maybe if I block it properly, it will reshape ok.

I wish that the KnitPicks option set included a shorter cable.  If I want one, then I’ll have to buy individual circular needles, and the idea of buying the set was to avoid that issue.

I’ve almost got to the point where I need to start decreasing to shape the crown, and I’m going to have to buy some DPNs of the right size to finish it.  It’s annoying that I don’t have them as I reckon I could get this finished this week otherwise.


2 thoughts on “So much done in a week

  1. Try magic looping with the cables if they are too ling, I use a really long cir for everything and just magic loop, cant use my straight pins at the mo as I have just had an op on my shoulder and the shorter knitpicks are perfect as i dont move so much!!

    if you need any help with magic loop mail me on above or at ravelry (I was the baker boy hat person! still not done it!!) and i’ll send you some links!

    The blankets looking good by the way, and great itdea for the extra blocks rather than loads of the same, think i’ll copy you, as ive only got as far as no 14 so far,

    Janey xx

  2. Hi Janey,

    I came across the magic loop method just after I finished the hat. I saw videos on but I’ve not tried it yet. I did in fact buy a couple of Knitpicks 16″ circulars which I’m using for the beret I’ve just cast on. But I will certainly try the magic loop method soon.

    Thanks for the comment about the blanket. I’ve substituted a few squares now and just did a lovely one called pennant stitch which was in the Stitch Library section of the Art of Knitting. I’d definitely recommend it!

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

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