A hat for a football fan

Finished another quick knit – a beanie for my best friend’s Dad, who’s a Plymouth Argyle season ticket holder. My friend had commented that her Dad’s football supporters hat looked a bit silly on him, so I thought I’d make him a beanie, in the team’s colours of course.

Plymouth Argyle Beanie

The pattern, which I found via Ravelry, was very easy to follow. I was facing a dilemma because I didn’t have the correct size DPNs… do I wait until the weekend when I could go to town and buy some, or shall I use the size which I do have, which is 0.5mm smaller. I couldn’t wait and figured that as long as I wasn’t too tight, that a size smaller wouldn’t make much difference. And it didn’t really.

This was my first real go with DPNs though, and I certainly need more practice as the joins were rubbish, I had a couple of large gaps as well as some loose bits. Fortunately I was able to run a thread through the back of the stitches and close up the gaps without it showing.

I also had a bit of a ‘mare with dropped stitches and trying to pick them up again. After much huffing and puffing I finally did though.

I loved making this hat. It was quick and fun to do. I certainly want to do some more asap.

Not sure what project to start next though. I’ve got some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora which I was going to use to make a shrug, but to get the gauge right for the pattern, I need to go down from the recommended 5mm to 3mm and it makes the fabric quite stiff. So I’m not convinced about using it for that particular pattern. So I’m a bit of a loose end as to know what to do next.


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