Friends who knit

One of my friends came over the other night, for a knitting night. She started to learn just before Christmas and as a Christmas present I gave her a copy of the The Knitting Bible, some yarn and needles to practice with. It has thrilled me that she’s really enjoying herself.

She’s just been experimenting with combinations of knit and purl to see the differences between garter, stocking and rib stitches but wants to make an item now. Her husband suggested a cosy for their cafetiere. So we had a look on Ravelry for ideas and devised our own pattern. She saw the hot water bottle cover that I’m making which is in moss stitch and she loved the stitch pattern. So she had a practice of moss stitch as well as learning how to increase and decrease and now she’s all set to begin her first little project. Cool eh?


2 thoughts on “Friends who knit

  1. Working on a baptismal blanket and is the first knitting I have done in several years.Forgot how relaxing it can be.

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