Not quite a finished hat

I made this hat (on my lovely knitpicks options) from Elle Merino Brights yarn, following a pattern in the Art of Knitting.   The pattern calls for it to be felted, but I wasn’t going to do that.  As is a girl’s perogative, I’ve changed my mind.

wool hat

Trouble is the pattern called for lots and lots of rows before the crown shaping.  I looked the pattern photograph and that hat looked big on the model and tried it on my head, and I decided I didn’t nearly as many rows because it would be too big.

But now I want to felt it, I’m worried it will shrink and will become too small.  There’s plenty of room around the circumference, so that doesn’t matter if it shrinks width-wise, but the height is just right as it is.

After I’ve felted, will I be able to pin it out to the right size and let it dry, to make sure the height’s right?

Or should I frog it back and add a few more rows?

I don’t know what to do.  I’ve never felted before so don’t know what’s going to happen! Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Not quite a finished hat

  1. my experience of felting is that it will felt more in height than width so if its too big on your head circumference then it will prob end up about right but in height you may need to do some more rows if its right now, it can be a bit hit and miss!! ive found that it usually shrinks about 2rds! so to be on the safe side do a few more rows and then felt as you can always cut a bit off once felted but not add more!

    good luck!! xx

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