Lots and lots of squares

Now the beret is finished, the only thing I have on the go at the moment is the blanket, but I’ve got quite behind in doing my weekly squares, so I’m playing catch up.

Over the next few days you’re going to see lots and lots of squares… 😀

Eyelet Pattern Square

eyelet square

Stocking stitch with eyelet holes on the 3rd and 7th rows of an 8 row repeat.

Garter Stitch Stripe Square

Garter Stitch Stripe Square

Another variation of an earlier square. Stocking stitch background, with garter stitch stripes and embroidered cross stitches.

Garter Stitch Square

Garter Stitch Square

Good ol’ garter stitch from start to finish!

Stocking Stitch Heart Square

Stocking Stitch Heart Square

I’m not very good at intarsia so this heart is swiss darned.

Basketweave Square

basketweave pattern

There seem to be lots of variations on “basketweave”.  This one goes as follows:

row 1: K2, P2
row 2: P2, K2
row 3: as 2nd
row 4: as 1st.

That’s enough for now.  Plenty more squares coming soon.


One thought on “Lots and lots of squares

  1. these sqaures are from the art of knitting hachette collection thingy . i collected these and then stopped, i did not have the time…

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