New projects on the horizon

I’m very excited about the next three projects that I’ve decided to do.

Firstly, I cast on for this cropped cardigan on Friday night. I’d seen in on Ravelry whilst looking for something that I could use my 8 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky that is in my stash. It’s a lovely light teal colour and I got it half price in a John Lewis sale a while ago. I was struggling to find a pattern for a cardi that was the right gauge for this yarn though and wasn’t looking forward to having to adapt one. My brain is too tired at the moment to do that.

Finally found this one though and I think that pattern is extremely cute. It’s knitted on circulars in one piece, top down. Never tried knitting a cardi like this, so it’s fun to have the challenge of a new technique too. Lots of people who’ve knitted it on Ravelry recommended following the designers’ modification for a smaller neckline and it can have the tendency to fall off your shoulders. I hate tops that slide off my shoulders so I definitely decided to make the smaller neck too.

The second project that I will be starting soon is this tunic dress from Debbie Bliss’ new Coastlines book. It’s made in Pure Silk, which I’ve ordered in lilac (a new shade for 2008) from Spin a Yarn. It’s expensive but beautiful and I need a new outfit for my cousin’s wedding in August! I’m hoping she’ll get it in sometime this week and I can go and pick it up at the weekend.

My third project is actually a sewing project… Shocking I know! Mum reckons that if I learn to do patchwork and quilting it will help me to learn to sew. So I’m making a satchel type bag. We went to a quilting show in Exeter on Saturday and I bought some fabric and have started to cut out some shapes and sew a few together.  All going well so far!


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