Tip: how to remove oil and grease stain from clothes

I just wanted to share this stain removal tip that I found because I’m so chuffed with it!I recently bought a Billabong hoodie, lovely brown colour and very, very soft. Unfortunately the first day I wore it, I spilt chinese food down me. I put it in the wash as soon as I could, but there were two small patches of grease that didn’t really come out. I wore it again the other night and splashed salad dressing on it. I am the messiest eater!! Again, I rubbed soap into the mark and put the top in the wash, but this stain was even more noticeable than the first. I was pretty annoyed with myself.

So I googled last night for stain removal tips and read how you can put flour or talcum powder on oil stains, leave it there for a few minutes so that the powder absorbs the oil and grease, and then brush it off.

I’ve just tried it and amazingly it works!!! I can’t see the first stain anymore and the new one is barely visible. The tip did say that it may take a few attempts like this to get rid of it completely so I’ll probably have another go at some point, but I can now wear the top again without feeling ashamed that I can’t eat without spilling my food down me.


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