Pure silk is so pretty!

On Saturday I picked up 11 hanks of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk which I’d ordered from Spin a Yarn. It is the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought but it is wonderfully soft and the colour (which is a new one for 2008) is just beautiful.I couldn’t wait to get home and swatch it.

I’ve decided to use needles a 0.5mm smaller than recommended. It just made my knitting look a little bit neater, and the dress pattern I’m using starts a size larger than I would usually knit. So I’m hoping that I can follow the instructions for the smallest size, and by using smaller needles it will make the garment smaller and therefore fit me better. I’ve also just read that silk can stretch (not the silk itself, but the stitches because they have no memory) so hopefully knitting it a bit tighter will help to combat this.That’s the theory anyway. We shall see if it works or not!

The downside to this yarn is that is seems to have a tendency to pill. I got into a right tangle trying to wind the yarn into a ball and it’s now gone a bit fluffy with all the handling and friction. I’ve just been reading reviews of other people who’ve used this yarn and they all comment about it pilling too. It’s annoying when I think how much I paid for it and it does make me wonder how the dress will wear. It’s not a dress that I will be wearing all the time (the first outing will be a my cousin’s wedding in August), but it would be nice if it stays smart for a while.

Maybe this is a characteristic of sik yarn though? I don’t know. I’ve never knitted with it before. Does anyone know if all silk yarn has a tendency to pill or is it just this one? Are there any good tips for reducing the fluff?


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