Avoiding difficult stuff

I’ve been avoiding working on the cropped cardigan because it’s just not quite right, so I’ve been catching up on the blanket squares.

Stocking Stitch with four hearts

I tried about 5 times to doing the vertical white stripe with the intarsia method and it just looked rubbish. So it’s all swiss darned.

stocking stitch with hearts

Little Flowers Square

Eyelet holes make the flower shapes. I quite like doing lacey stuff.

lace square

Embossed Check

This square was meant to be another textured wavey rib square, but I didn’t want to do another repeated pattern so found this one in the stitch library pages of the magazine.

Embossed Check square

Ribbed Basketweave Square

Alternating blocks of rib stitch and reverse stocking stitch.

ribbed basketweave

Square 60 is just another reverse stocking stitch with a star embroidered on it, so I won’t bother with a picture of it.

Woven Pattern Square

The magazine calls this a woven pattern square and is what I would call a classic basketweave stitch. I really, really like this one.

basketweave woven pattern square


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