Strange dreams and chocolate

I hope that you all had a nice Easter weekend. I love the Easter weekend and we had a nice one here. Unlike large parts of the country which were covered in snow, we had a fairly reasonable weekend, weather-wise. The sun crept out a few times but it was awfully cold!

Easter egg from Hotel ChocolatMy brother was home for the weekend and we celebrated Dad’s birthday with friends and as a family, as well as celebrating Jesus’ resurrection! I also managed to sow seeds for the veggie patch and eat lots of chocolate. Mum continued the family tradition of having an Easter Egg hunt (even though my brother and I are all grown up – it still happens) However James found one less egg than me, and Mum was sure she hid an even number. So either she was mistaken, or there is still a foil-wrapped egg still hiding somewhere in our house, ready to be found later in the year.

I’m the sort of person that tends to have quite vivid dreams and often have nightmares, particularly when away from home. (Many friends will testify to having been woken up by my screaming when sharing a hotel room on holiday with me!). I had a very strange dream on Sunday night. For some reason, I dreamt that I visited a new hair salon, where one of my friends had taken a new job as a stylist. He then proceeded to cut my hair, but made a terrible mess of it. He gave me a fringe which was about 1cm long and hacked at the rest of it. He then had the cheek to charge me £45 for the hair cut!!!! Unbelievable!! And I didn’t complain because I didn’t want to fall out with him. I did however wake up feeling most annoyed at being overcharged for such a rubbish haircut!

The weird thing is though that my best friend also had a similar dream the same night. She dreamt that Jamie Oliver (the TV chef) gave her a terrible haircut. That’s quite freaky.

Some knitting was also done this weekend, but it’s a bit disheartening at the moment.


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