Why knit a skirt in separate pieces?

I have to say this thought has crossed my mind whilst knitting the dress and I was wondering whether it would have been quicker in the long run to knit the skirt part in the round – I wouldn’t have to do purl rows then and I’m much quicker at knit stitch.

However this morning I noticed someone ask the same thing on Ravelry and the replies are worth remembering so I thought I’d make a note of them here:

  • As with sweaters, you want seams to keep the garment from stretching out. A skirt knit in one piece can stretch as you wear it and make the holes bigger and the skirt longer. Not something you want. By having a sewn seam at both sides, it helps keep the skirt from getting longer. (From YarnFloozy)
  • knitting in the round is actually knitting a spiral, and spirals tend to twist. If you knit in two pieces, you are knitting straight rows, and you won’t get that sideways torque that spirals develop. Knitted skirts tend to stretch out when sat in, and the spiral knit emphasizes that. (From )

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