Building Blocks

I love bank holiday weekends and we had a very relaxing one here. I got lots of knitting done and it felt so indulgent to be knitting on a Monday afternoon in front of the TV, catching up on “Flood” from the previous night.

Mostly blanket work the past few days and I’ve got lots more done. I’m almost up to date with all the squares (just two left to do) and I sewed another two blocks of squares together.

I wasn’t very happy with my seaming though. I haven’t been all along really. The magazine suggested backstitch to sew the squares together, but that looked dreadful. I had been doing mattress stitch which looks neat, but leaves a ridge on the back and that’s what I wasn’t happy with. I think the fact that I’m using acrylic for this blanket, makes the ridge even more prominent and quite stiff. So I with these blocks I decided to seam them slightly differently.

I am much happier with the result. The pieces lie much flatter now and I won’t have knobbly bits should I want to wrap myself up in it! It does sort of show on the right side of the blanket, but it looks like a feature rather than just a seam, so I’m going to go back undoing all the bulky seams on my other blocks and redoing them. It will be a nuisance to do, but I’ll be happier in the long run.


3 thoughts on “Building Blocks

  1. Your blocks look so great together! It’ll be fun to see the finished project! (And you are so awesome with seaming — I wouldn’t have the patience….)

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