Neglected Knitting

My knitting has been neglected of late, but last I managed to find time to get back to it and boy, was it great to pick up the needles again!

I’ve been quite busy lately and also suffering with hayfever, which means that my eyes have been quite sore and itchy and so when I have had evenings in, I just haven’t felt able to physically focus on the knitting in hand. I’d also got to a point with the tunic dress that required a bit of concentration to work out and I kept putting it off.

But last Tuesday I went around to a friend’s house for a craft evening and I took one of the blanket squares which have been piling up on the “to-do” pile. I’d been feeling quite stressed because not only do I have to renovate a whole house in the space of 4-6 weeks, I had to play a couple of flute solos in a concert on Thursday and I was getting very nervous as the day approached.

However picking up those needles (and off-loading my worries to my friend) really helped to de-stress and I went home feeling much calmer.

I’ve since made several blanket squares and finished the entire back piece of the tunic.

I’m off to Malawi on Saturday morning for two weeks with a group from my church and won’t be taking any knitting with me (which is a shame because the journey is going to be very long!) but I’ll be certain to crack on with the tunic dress when I get back.


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