An abundance of squares (part 2)

Vertical Threaded Square

This has eyelet holes every 2nd row to thread strips of yarn through.

Framed moss stitch square

Moss stitch framed by stocking stitch. Very nice I think.

Woven pattern square

A type of basketweave stitch pattern.

Lacy ladders square

Horizontal bands of garter stitch interrupted at intervals by single vertical stitches and openwork decreasings.

Stocking stitch with vertical cables square


One thought on “An abundance of squares (part 2)

  1. Hallo Vic …. you have me hooked and i should be working…. !!! well on my tea break now…Your Vertical threaded square is just so nice,,, can you help me with the pattern ??

    Thank you sooo much for your blog… i really can’t wait to see the next and next and next !!!!

    Keep them needles knitting…. o my daughter is 6 and knitting her own blanket of squares… only in garter stitch for now, but different colours… will keep you posted xxx

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