A new project

I was getting bored with the tunic (am about 3/4 of the way through it now) so started a new top last night. Well I actually started it last week, but didn’t swatch and realised when I was over half way through the back piece that it was going to be too big. So I undid it all and started again last night on smaller needles. I used to be a tight knitter but now I’m almost too loose! It seems to knit up quite quick though, so I’m hopeful of this being finished quite soon.

I also started a group on Ravelry for people who read The Art of Knitting magazine. So if you’re on Ravelry and you read this mag, or are interested in it, do join the group!

The blanket will be finished in 5 more issues and I had assumed that would be it, but I see from today’s issue that they’re are starting a new blanket in issue 91 and next week they’ll give you the first square for it, to tempt you I guess! It does look nice. A scandinavian style throw, with fair-isle and intarsia squares as well as some new stitch patterns, in greens, blues and browns. What’s the betting I get tempted into making it!


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